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  • YouTube is a great source of information. I am sure that you will be able to search it yourself, but here are a selection of clips that I came across when researching the material for this site. I hope the provide a starting point for you.

    While I have included some clips in the pages in this site (and they are included in this list too), I have organised some additional clips according to each of the topics covered. I hope this makes it easier to find clips of topics that you are particularly interested in.

  • How we learn

    Covers the stages we go through when learning motor skills. Highlights how we move from using our "thinking" brain to "subconscious" action.

    The Growth mindset

    A neat little video that summarises the main points of the Growth mindset.

    Psychology of winners. Reflections on "winning" from some of our top professionals. Listen to the words they are using to describe their feelings about being the best they could be.

    Matthew Syed talking about what "makes" winners.

    Process: tools etc

    Here's Dave Alred coaching a young rugby player on how to kick a goal. Just listen to his coaching and the talk about process. Dave's book The pressure principle is worth reading.

    Flow in sports. Steven Kottler.

    Flow in sports. Steven Kottler. Ted talk. More detailed presentation.

    Flow. Ted talk.

    Inner voice

    What to do after a missed shot. Strangely enough, nothing to do with shooting, but about pool.

    The Inner game of golf from 1970s.

    The Inner game of tennnis.

    Steve Peters the Chimp Paradox at Ted talk

    Talent is overrated

    One of my all time favourite Geoff Colvin clips. I love his delivery and the points he makes are absolutely spot on.

    Geoff Colvin exapnding on some of the implications of "Talent is overrated".

    Geoff Colvin being interviewed and talking at more depth about "Talent is overrated" (complete with Spainish subtitles).

    Purposeful practice

    Michael Jordan interview

    Goal setting

    Mental imagery and visualisation

    The power of positivity. A short video that demonstrates both the positive and negative effects that mental attitude can have on performance.

    A (very young) Tiger Woods talking about the mental game and visualisation. Some interesting commentary about "being in the zone" and not remembering taking the shot.

    Ayrton Senna describes his almost spiritual experience racing in Monaco, and his feeling of racing "way beyond my conscious understanding". Another example of "being in the zone".

    Kobe Bryant discussing what it feels like to be "in the zone". Lots of classic references to things slowing down and having supreme confidence.

    Mental game in endurance sports

    Pete Cowen talking about the combination of technique and psychology in golf. He makes the point that getting the psychology right is fine, but it isn't going to work unless you are on top of your technique.

    Christina Bengtsson at TED talking about focus and how to maintain it. It is a fascinating story of how someone who wants to become a world champion at something and just perseveres.

    A TED talk covering base jumping and psychology. Covers flow - thinking without thinking - as well as performing under the ultimate pressure.