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About this site

The mental game is fundamentally overlooked in the majority of sports. Yet it frequently holds the key to peak performance.

However, despite this, and even with a background in psychology, I found it a difficult to know where to start to improve my mental game. I suspect others have found the same.

My goal with this site is to share what I have learnt about the mental game. It is based on my own experiences shooting English Skeet - but this site isn't about shooting - it is about the mental game.

I have kept the theory to a minimum while providing as much practical advice as I can. I have broken down the material into a step by step guide - 15 steps overall - accessible from the menu above. Where appropriate, I have included links to additional material - both online, paper based, and videos - should you want to find out more about particular topics.

You will also find various materials that I have developed for my own use along the way that you can download and adapt them for yourself.

About My journey

It all started in 2014 when, at the age of 52, I took up competitive sport for the first time. It took me just over 4 years to go from complete beginner to being selected to represent my country. In 2018, I shot for the Welsh National Skeet team. In 2019, I shot for Wales again and won AA Class at the British Open.

I have kept records of my performance from the start - I know every target that I have missed in competition as well as what I was wearing when I did it, the weather conditions and what I ate the night before!

Between July 2015 - January 2020:

  • I had 37 coaching sessions;
  • Trained 641 times;
  • Took part in 190 registered competitions.

What follows is a structured and systematic approach to becoming the best sports person that I could and what I learnt along the way. What I lack in talent and youth has been replaced by hard work and perseverance - and a little bit of thought!

About Me

In 1983, I graduated with a degree in Behavioural Science. This started by lifelong interest in psychology.

I have spent most of my professional career in the Computer industry - first as a researcher, then as a consultant and finally as a business leader.

Whatever I do - whether it is inside or outside of work - I always want to do it to the best of my ability. Although it sounds great, it can seem like a bit of a curse at times since I am constantly driven to improve at what I do. I guess this site is testament to that!

And I'm born and bred Welsh!

I hope you find this site useful.